Digitalize Cash

What if you could digitalize cash?

What if you could log in to a machine that acts like an ATM and dispense an opening cash drawer in 30 seconds or less?

Not only cash, but you also slide the cash drawer into the machine, and it drops all the coins into its proper cups. What if you could digitalize cash, like reviewing credit processing statements online?

What if you could view this activity online (real-time) anywhere securely in the cloud? Would it make a little more sense if I said, “we cut hours of cash management down to minutes”? Yes, hours of operational time saved, in the range of $2,500-$5,000 every month! Sometimes we see even more. What could you do with that time? Think about how much more you could offer your customers. Lastly, what if you could take all the liabilities and procedures associated with cash and eliminate 90% of them? POOF! No more.

Our equipment will do all of this for you. Check out the process of how it works in this short and sweet video demonstration, less than 3 minutes. #cashautomation #cashmanagement #fintech