Seamless Back Office integration Alerts sent to MIMO Tech Support Under-counter option available Patching and upgrades performed directly by MIMO Team Dual PC's with local continuous data backup Advanced Transaction Recovery

Meet the next generation of MIMO Cash and Coin Recycler™.

In a world of increasing technology, why would you keep doing things the old-fashioned way? Break free from your routine with a solution designed to simplify your time-consuming and expensive daily cash responsibilities. MIMO 200 is a cash and coin recycler that prepares banks, makes change, verifies drops, secures your inventory, and elevates your Back Office with detailed, digitized reports.

Without the pressure to sort, count, and validate cash – MIMO gives your team the freedom to focus on improving your business and the customer experience. MIMO’s sophisticated cloud-based software guarantees you save time, reduce loss, and prevent errors…which means bigger profits!

Once a transaction is made, it’s time for the MIMO to take control! MIMO takes your notes, counts and sorts them into individual cassettes, and constantly keeps track of how much money is going in and how much money is coming out of it.

Cassettes are individually locked for additional security and can easily be picked up by armored car services or opened by authorized users. All the data that MIMO keeps track of is uploaded to our proprietary MIMO Back Office, a cloud-based network where authorized users can keep track of what’s happening with their MIMO and who has used them. Because of our robust cloud servers, data is available from the install date, with no expiration! Keep track of your day-to-day data, go back a year, and compare your performance to this same date! It’s all possible with MIMO!

MIMO 200 Specifications
Deposit/ Dispense Capacity 200 Notes
Speed 8 notes per second
Capacity 17,500 Notes*
Cassette Configuration 4 Recycler, 1 Deposit, 1 Reject
Software MIMO Core & Windows 10
Placement Standalone or under-counter
Security U.L. compliant with optional dual-authentication locks
Login Options PIN, barcode scan, biometric, or card-swipe

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