RETAIL Cash Management

Let's face it, your customers keep you busy enough.

These days – you’ve got enough to manage without having to think about counting cash and preparing tills.

If you’re spending too much time handling banks, making change, auditing registers, reconciling drawers, and managing self-checkout stations…a MIMO 200 cash recycler is exactly what you need.

Join the hundreds of retailers across the country who are automating the cash room with MIMO technology – a recycler proven to reduce errors, save time, and provide a significant ROI.

Here are some of the features our Retail customers like the most:

– Secure cassette storage and Transfer-To-Deposit™ function make bank deposit preparation and Armored Car pickups quick and easy.

– Software is streamlined and easy for employees to navigate

– Detailed real-time reports make it easy to balance by User or Register

– Cashiers can dispense loans and make their own change without supervision

– Easy to track checks and other forms of payment

– Synchronizes the storage of funds for all departments, including self-checkout lanes