MIMO for dispensaries...where Cash is still king!

Inefficient cash operations are almost a guarantee in the cannabis industry, and for the time being, most dispensaries are stuck working with cash.

The majority of businesses have several employees on staff whose day chiefly consists of counting, handling, and reconciling cash. Most managers report spending 20 hours per week just dealing with cash. The daily pressure and distraction of performing transactions quickly and accurately while trying to focus on the customer experience can result in a challenging dispensary environment. You want a secure, stress-free retail backdrop so you can focus on what matters to you most.

What our Cannabis customer love about MIMO:

– Sales associates barely have to touch their cash

– “The software is simple, and it’s easy to train new employees on MIMO operations.”

– Secure cassette storage and Transfer-To-Deposit™ function for fast bank deposit preparation.

– Proxy transactions when employees are absent but need till accountability

MIMO guarantees you barely handle your cash. You can even prepare your daily sales deposit hands-free!