Cash Automation

How To Count Cash Efficiently

Cash is still king (or queen)!
Let's automate cash.

billion more bank notes in circulation from 2019 to 2020.
Federal Reserve
% of Americans still prefer cash payments.
GOBankingRates Survey
Network Downtime​
Data Breaches​
A world without cash... Common issues that digital payments can bring.
A world without cash... Common issues that digital payments can bring.
Network Downtime
Data Breaches
Cash is safe, inclusive, & convenient.

Cash will be around for the foreseeable future. So let’s modernize the way we manage cash which includes digitizing the process, allowing complete visibility of your cash inventory. 

Think about all of the labor that goes into cash management—counting cash, making tills, auditing, and reconciliation, as well as getting bank deposits ready. Not only is this constant & dull, but it’s also using valuable management-labor that you could allocate in another area of your business. As you can tell & probably know, manual cash management is expensive! Manual cash management also welcomes unwanted security liabilities. More manual cash handling allows for more theft opportunities. 

Cash Recycler
A machine that accepts and dispenses cash, like an ATM but built for businesses that need to digitize and automate their cash handling. A Cash Recycler keeps a highly accurate ledger of all transactions in and out of the machine.

MIMO builds various Cash Recycler models for small, medium, and large businesses. Contact us so that we can present you with a complete cash automation package.

MIMO has hundreds of technicians spread throughout the United States and Canada.

We proudly boast that our Cash Recycler’s can reduce manual cash counting labor by 80%! Most of our customers see a ROI within a year.

Our bill validators are industry leading, we use patented bill validation technology that verifies, sorts, and images all deposited and dispensed notes.

MIMO Cash Recycler’s features best-in-class diagnostics and sensors with a completely accessible transport path easily accessible by authorized users. In the rare event that your MIMO cannot recover from an error, our 24/7 Tech Support line is there to assist anytime.

Using a Cash Recycler solves manual cash management deficiencies by automating the creation of tills, creating a record of all cash transactions & deposits, as well as securing your cash inventory. MIMO Cash & Coin Recyclers can help reduce manual cash management-labor by 80%! Now that you know about cash automation, you should know what sets MIMO apart from other cash recycler companies:  

  • Our intelligent Cloud Back Office software gives you complete visibility of your cash inventory. 
  • MIMO Cloud Back Office records every single cash transaction & stores the cash transaction record indefinitely. 
  • All of our software (MIMO Core & MIMO Cloud Back Office) can integrate into any Point of Sale system.
  • We are a US-based manufacturer, offer 24/7 US-based support, & develop our own PCI-compliant proprietary software. 
  • Cutting out the middlemen allows MIMO to cater to every customer and industry we partner with!